Youth Development Program

For the next generation of cricketers

​​The Alberta Cricket Council's Youth Development Program is a roadmap designed to bring forth and foster young cricketers from across Alberta. Plans to bring something like this to Albertans have been in the works since our first AGM, held in 2018, where we made a commitment to focus on the development of young men and women cricketers from the entire province. 
We started with a soft version of this program in 2019 but expansion was delayed due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions in the province. Now, under the guidance of Mr. Syed Adnan Kirmani, ACC's Youth Coordinator, we are please to officially launch the next phases of the program. Under our adjusted timeline, the ACC aims to implement this plan working with all three phases working simultaneously by 2023.
This program will be a first of it's kind at the provincial level anywhere in Canada and we hope to spark a desire in other provincial organizations to start similar programs in their jurisdictions.


Phase 1

Talent Hunt

In Phase 1 we hope to spot talented cricketers at an early age.

It has been observed over the years that the current cricketing system lacks an appropriate coaching structure at the grass roots level and because of this reason young cricketers develop faulty techniques that makes it harder for coaches and trainers to help rectify these flaws later in the players cricketing career.
Knowing this, we want to first start with the development of a sustainable talent pool of young men and women that present a drive to be successful in the sport and then help them begin their journey on proper footings in terms of technical and tactical efficiency. 
Over time our "Talent Hunt Program" will become an educational institution that will help effectively groom young cricketers for the future. 
Through this program the ACC plans to hold trials, practice matches and camps under the supervision of Youth Coordinators across the province.

Participants in this program will be grouped into 5 categories in alignment with ICC's updated guidelines;

  • Group A: U-13 (Junior Cricket "Kanga" Rules)

  • Group B: U-15 (Early Development)

  • Group C: U-19 (Eligible for Competitive National and International Cricket)

  • Group D: U-25 (Ongoing Development)

  • Group E: Women Cricketers


Phase 2

Youth Development

This phase of our program will be carried on through the development of the ACC's "Alberta Coaching Program (ACP)". Our hopes are to build the ACP into the most prestigious cricket coaching institution anywhere in Canada. The ACP will be organized under a "Provincial Head Coach" with "Regional Coaches" working under the Head Coach to deliver an identical program across the province.
Players identified in Phase 1 will enter a 4-week long "Youth Development Program" designed to improve them in the following areas with the help of our coaching staff: 

  • Basic Skills Development.

  • Net Practice.

  • Centre Wicket Practice.

  • Fielding Drills.

  • Target Games.

  • Decision Making.

  • Game Awareness.

  • Daily Records.

  • Cumulative Records.

  • Cumulative Graphs.


Phase 3

Elite Players Development

Players who complete Phase 1 and 2 of the ACC's Youth Development Program will them be eligible to take their skills to the next level under direct supervision of the ACP's Head Coach. Selection to this group is based solely on the players cricketing skills and will be done so by the Head Coach in accordance with the ACC's principals of diversity, transparency and inclusiveness.

These Elite players will focus on their development in the following areas:

  • Technical Skills.

  • Tactical Skills.

  • Physical Strength.

  • Mental Attributes.

  • Overall Game Approach.

  • Leadership Qualities


This process will be an ongoing feature for years to come and will help groom the future of cricket in Alberta. It is expected that over the next 2-3 years we will have enough talented players identified, developed and fostered to claim a major stake in Regional, National and International cricket.

"I am sure this will prove to be a proper cricket development pathway for young and aspiring young cricketers.

At the end we will have a finished product from Alberta that will make us proud at all levels!"

- Syed Kirmani, ACC Youth Coordinator.


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