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Public Notice; August 25, 2021

Dear All,

As the PSO and the Provincial Body responsible for the governance of cricket and its participants in Alberta; it is the duty of the Alberta Cricket Council to also protect the operational and financial interests of itself and its members.

As you are aware, the “Alberta SmashNGrab T20” event was scheduled by the Alberta Cricket Council (“ACC”) in partnership with the Calgary & District Cricket League (“C&DCL”) earlier this year and it was decided to have the event on the September long weekend (September 4th to 6th) to avoid conflict with the BC Bash, which was scheduled for August.

Unfortunately; right after the scheduled dates were announced the former PSO, Alberta Cricket Association (“ACA”) and the Edmonton & District Cricket League (“E&DCL”) made public their plans to host a similar event in Edmonton on the same weekend, called the "Canada Cricket Open" or "Canada Open T20 Cricket" and later renamed to “Champion Cricket Open T20 Cricket”, creating a direct conflict with our event and causing confusion amongst the cricketing community of Alberta.

The ACC immediately informed Cricket Canada of this issue and made it clear that we at the provincial level we do not support this approach by the ACA and under no circumstances would we approve or sanction this event in Edmonton. At the same time, we offered alternatives to the organizers of this event such as moving forward with the event at a later date or partnering with the ACC to host a joint event. We received no response in either case from them.

Prior to this the ACC had already offered the E&DCL and its members with a clear path to becoming a member of the ACC with all rights and freedoms as reserved for any of our other members. As a show of good faith, the ACC and the C&DCL even covered the costs associated with the inclusion of players from Edmonton in the Alberta Western T20 Championship squad which in the past have been paid by the district association the player represents. On the other hand, the E&DCL Executives have shown no courtesy in return and continue to fund the ACA in their frivolous pursuits against Cricket Canada, the ACC and its members.

Keeping all that in mind, we as a sovereign provincial body, need to do what we can under our authority to protect ourselves and our members from further damage caused by the actions of individuals who are set on feeding this divide amongst the cricketers of Alberta.

In that regard, the Alberta Cricket Council wants to make public the following:

  1. The Alberta Cricket Council, as the PSO and the Provincial Body for Cricket in the Province of Alberta, unequivocally denounces the aforementioned cricketing event being held in Edmonton on September 4th to 6th, 2021.

  2. The Alberta Cricket Council, under its authority considers the said event to be “Disapproved Cricket” for all Players, Officials, and Individuals under its purview.

  3. Any player, official or organizer of the event will have sanction levied against them by the Alberta Cricket Council. These include but are not limited to:

  • For a Player or Match Official – Disqualification from participation in any events or matches under the jurisdiction of the provincial body for a period of one (1) year.

  • For an Organizer – Disqualification from participation in any events or matches under the jurisdiction of the provincial body for a period of three (3) years.

Events and matches under the jurisdiction of the ACC include, district league matches and tournaments, inter-city matches and tournaments, coaching and training events, provincial or city team selections or trials, high-performance camps, general meetings of the ACC, etc.

The sanctions will go into effect immediately after the individual’s participation in the event and will stay in effect for the period listed above unless revoked through an order of the ACC’s Board of Directors.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Executives of the Alberta Cricket Council

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